Veg Glucosamine 750+ Caplet 2x60s Metro Department Store
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Veg Glucosamine 750 Caplet 2x60s


Veg Glucosamine 750+ Caplet 2x60s


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Vegetarian Glucosamine 750+ contains a powerful combination of curcumin, MSM, zinc and calcium for effective joint support. Formulated with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it minimizes joint aches, stiffness & crackling while helping to regenerate and repair the connective tissue in cartilage.
- Fights free radicals and prevents inflammation
- Reduces joint pain
- Improves joint flexibility and mobility
素食氨基葡萄糖750+ 含有姜黄素, MSM(二甲基砜),锌和钙,这强效配方能有效地呵护关节。具有强力的抗炎和抗氧化作用,它减少关节疼痛,僵硬和由摩擦引起的喀嚓声同时有助于软骨再生及修复结缔组织。- 抗自由基和防止发炎- 减少关节疼痛- 提高关节的灵活度和活动能力

122mm x 62mm x 90mm