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Vitamin D 1000IU Tab 90s


Vitamin D 1000IU Tab 90s

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In the form of cholecalciferol this is a potent and convenient once a day supplement. Vitamin D is essential in developing and maintaining strong bones, teeth and muscle through increasing calcium and phosphorus absorption in the body. As sunlight is required to produce Vitamin D in human skin, people with limited sunlight exposure due to work, lifestyle or health concerns would have an increased need for Vitamin D supplementation. Vitamin D supplement should be taken by those who are prone to Vitamin D deficiency and elderly to promote healthy bones and strong immune system.
- Supports calcium and mineral absorption
- Improves muscle strength
- Prevents Vitamin D deficiency
维生素D3 1000IU 是一种有效、方便的每日一剂保健品。维生素D通过增加体内钙质与磷质的吸收,对维持强壮的骨骼、牙齿和肌肉起着极大的作用。阳光是人体皮肤制造维生素D的要素,因工作、生活方式或健康问题而缺乏阳光照晒的人士对维生素D保健品的需求将大大增加。容易出现维生素D不足的人士和老年人应服用维生素D保健品以促进健康的骨骼及增强免疫力。- 通过提高体内钙质与磷质的吸收,增强骨量和骨 质密度 - 强化肌肉以改善肌肉平衡能力,从而减低跌倒和 骨折的风险- 预防血液中维生素D和钙质的不足

62mm x 62mm x 90mm