ORBIS U Moisture 50g Metro Department Store
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ORBIS U Moisture 50g


ORBIS U Moisture 50g


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The ORBIS U Series features the innovative ingredient Key Porin Booster, a blend of Eelgrass Extract, Peach Leaf Extract and Cornflower Extract, which remarkably increases the circulation of moisture in and out of cells throughout all skin layers, improving the skin’s plumpness, radiance and youthful appearance. 

In a unique soufflé jelly texture, ORBIS U Moisture delivers and seals in well-replenished moisture and Key Porin Booster. Dense yet airy, it protects skin from damaging threats in a highly moisturizing yet lightweight veil, maintaining its radiance. 

Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Free of artificial colourings
- After applying lotion, take 1-2 pearl-sized amount of moisturiser onto your palm.
- Gently apply over the entire face in an upward lifting motion.
- Apply more of the product on areas requiring greater hydration, such as around the eyes and mouth.