OSIM DIY Smart Massage Chair (uJolly 2 Smart + uSqueez 2 Smart) Metro Department Store
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OSIM DIY Smart Massage Chair uJolly 2 Smart  uSqueez 2 Smart


OSIM DIY Smart Massage Chair (uJolly 2 Smart + uSqueez 2 Smart)


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Ujolly 2 Smart – Enhanced Dual-action V-grip Technology
Slides Smoothly Along Your Body Contours and Delivers a More Realistic, Intense Massage Effect That Reaches Deeper Into Your Muscles for a Comforting and Enhanced Massage Experience.

Precise & Humanized V-grip Massage

1. Neck & Shoulders V-grip
- Realistic Hand Grip Massage to Loosen Stiff Neck and Muscle Knots
- Adjustable Rollers for Deeper and Enhanced Ache Relief
- Closely Adheres Neck & Shoulder Contours to Target Pain Points
2. Lumbar Press
- Deep and Relaxing Massage to Target Lower Back Stiffness
- Alleviates Back Soreness From Prolonged Sitting
- Glides and Presses Along the Lumbar to Relieve Back Pain

Up to 31° Adjustment to Better Target Your Pain Points
Ujolly 2 Smart Features 4 Adjustable Angles, So You Can Personalize It According to Your Height, Sitting Positions and Massage Intensities.

Usqueez 2 Smart – Humanized Reflexology Massage
Emulates the Hands of a Professional Masseuse With Its 5 Types of Massage Techniques to Give You a Comprehensive Leg Massage for All Your Leg Massage Needs.

1. Kneading Plates
Deliver an Intense Palm and Finger-like Technique to Knead Away Deep-seated Knots and Improve Circulation.
2. Acupressure Massage Nodes
The Massage Nodes Target and Stimulate the Legs’ Acupressure Points Using a Professional Finger-like Pressing Technique.
3. Reflex Rollers
Situated on Feet Arches, It Stimulates Vital Reflex Points to Improve Blood Circulation and Toxins Removal for Overall Well-being.
4. Warm Air
Soothe Tense Muscles to Further Aid Muscle Relaxation and Enhance Curative Benefits of Massage.
5. Vibration
Soothe Accumulated Leg Muscle Tension, Promote Blood Circulation, and Enhance Massage Effects.

Up to 158˚ Adjustment to Target Calves and Legs
The Usqueez 2 Smart’s Unique Adjustable Kneading Plates Can Be Flipped Up to Reach Your Thighs, Massaging the Various Acupressure Points on Your Feet, Calves and Thighs for the Maximum Massage Coverage.