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Osim UDream Well-Being Chair Bronze


Osim UDream Well-Being Chair Bronze


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The Immersive Udream
5-senses Experience
Modern Life Can Be Stressful, but We Don’t Have to Accept Our Stressful Lifestyles as the Norm. It’s Time to Take Control of Your Well-being, and Destress Thoroughly Through Your 5 Senses.

Stress and Its Long Term Consequences
Stress Has Been Classified as the Health Epidemic of the 21st Century by the World Heallth Organization. Daily Stresses Such as Work, Finances, Relationships and Major Life Events Can Activate Our Sympathetic Nervous System (Sns), Which Contributes to the ""Fight or Flight"" Stress Response.

Our Body Will Experience Increase Heart Rate, Higher Blood Pressure, Tensed Muscles, Shortness of Breath, Immunity Changes and Many Other Internal Negative Stress Responses Collectively Known as ""Body Tension"".

Accumulation of Such Body Tension in Our Body Can Lead to Long Term Health Consequences. A Special Health Report Published by Harvard Medical School States That Prolonged Stress Can Lead to High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, Cancer and Many More Health Diseases.

Udream Innovative Ai-powered Technologies to Lower Body Tension
1. Measure: Body Tension Biosensors to Measure Your Body Tension Level
2. Monitor: Udream App to Help You Monitor Your Body Tension Trend Over Time
3. Manage: 5-senses Well-being Experience to Manage Your Body Tension Daily