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Supercharge Your Gaming Experience With Ergonomic Comfort and Massage
Designed to Deliver Ergonomic Comfort, Osim Collaborates With Marvel to Assemble the Best Seat in the Game:

Uthrone S. Channel Your Inner Superhero With Designs Featuring Your Favourite Marvel Characters of All Time: Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-man.

The Best Sidekick to Battle Gaming Fatigue
Sitting Still for a Prolonged Period in Front of the Screen Can Affect Our Physical and Mental Health. With the Vibration Massage Feature in Uthrone S, Now You Can Score on the Battlefield While Making Sure That Your Well-being Is Taken Care of.

Vibration Massage
The Vibration Massage Feature in Uthrone S, Help to Relax Tense Muscles and Improve Circulation.
- Relieves Lower Body Aches: Vibration Helps Tense Muscles in the Lower Back to Contract and Relax Rapidly to Relieve Muscle Aches.
- Alleviates Stress: Promotes Relaxation in the Body, Particularly for Intensive Gaming Sessions.
- Improves Blood Circulation: Vibration Massage Introduces Movement to the Body for Optimum Blood Circulation.

Vibration Intensity
Select Vibration Intensity With the Control Buttons at the Side of the Seat.

Vibration Modes
- High (2350 Rpm)
- Low (1850 Rpm)
- Auto (1850 – 2350 Rpm)

Built for Unparalleled Gaming Comfort
From Customizable Seat and Back Support, to Being Able to Enjoy a Fully Reclined Power Nap or Mobile Game Session — the Ergonomically-designed Uthrone S Gives You Free Reign to Customize Your Seat Preferences, Setting a New Standard for Gaming Comfort.
- Reclining Function: Designed to Support Wide-angle Reclining (Up to 155degree), Enjoy a Cozy Mobile Game on the Uthrone S or a Quick Shut Eye Before Matches So You Can Stay Refreshed for the Next Gaming Session.
- Multi-tilt Mechanism: Built for Customizable Comfort, the Multi-tilt Mechanism in Uthrone S Allows You to Find Your Favourite Sitting Angle, So You Can Have the Physical Support You Need Offline to Score Big in Your Online Gaming.
- Adjustable Height: With a Seat That Is Adjustable Up to 9.5cm in Height, the Hydraulic Gas Pistons of Uthrone S Are Rigorously-tested for Maximum Stability and Peace of Mind.

Lumbar Cushion: Your Favourite Marvel Superheroes Will Now Have Your Back - Literally, While You Game. The Lumbar Cushion Provides Sufficient Support to Your Spine for Maximum Comfort to Sweeten Your Gaming Experience.

Seat Designed for Better Support: the Uthrone S Can Be Adjusted Fully Upright for an Ideal Sitting Posture, and It Also Features an Angular Seat Design to Maximise Contact Between the Seat and Your Thigh and Knee - Ensuring Adequate Support for Extended Sitting Hours. Now, You Can Play for the Long Haul Comfortably With Ease.

Unrivalled Comfort, Customized for You
Carrying Your Team to Victory Can Take Time, So Take Comfort in Having the Uthrone S as Your Trusty Sidekick to Enjoy Prolonged Gaming Sessions in Complete Relaxation.

Take Charge Now With the Uthrone S - Marvel Limited Edition Today.