Philips Ionic Styling Brush (Pink) HP4588/00 Metro Department Store
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Philips Ionic Styling Brush (Pink) HP4588/00


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Static Electricity Exists Everywhere Especially in Dry Environment. That's Why Your Hair Gets Frizzy and Messy Easily. To Help You Get Rid of This Annoying Issue, We Bring Easier Solution: Ionic Styling Brush. The Ionizer Generates Negative Ions to Neutralize Positive Charge of Static Electricity. It Helps to Reduce Frizz and Bring Back Smoothness and Shine to Your Hair Instantly. To Improve the Ion Diffusion on Hair, We Keep the Ionizer Close to the Cushion, Which Allows to Spread Ion on Hair More Efficiently When You Brush. Keep Neat Look Anytime, Anywhere From Now on!
Seamless Round Bristle Tip Is Gentle to Hair & Scalp
All Bristles Tips Are Seamless to Avoid Scrubbing Damage on Scalp or Hair Trapping During Usage. The Special Round Ball Tip Has Bigger Touching Surface So That It's More Gentle to Vulnerable Scalp.
Bristle Cushion With Optimal Surface Is Comfortable to Use
The Optimally Designed Bristle Cushion Enables Better Force Distribution and Follows the Contours of the Head Naturally for More Convenience and Comfort, the Brushing Experience Is Still Comfortable Despite the Compact Size. Thus, You Can Easily Have a Fast but Great Soothing Head Massage Anytime, Anywhere With Shiny and Smooth Hair.
Bristle Cushion Is Detachable for Easy Cleaning
Bristle Cushion Can Be Easily Detached So That You May Clean It With Water Regularly to Keep Bristle Clean.
Small and Cute Design Make It a Beauty Accessory
Compact Size Brush Can Fit for Your Make-up Pouch and Small Bags. You May Bring It With You Always and Use It Anytime, Anywhere. The Eye-catching Silhouette, Seamless Shell and Cute, Feminine Touch Makes It Not Only a Brush, but an Iconic Beauty Accessory With Excellent Performance.