BackHeat Back Pain Relief Patch 2s Metro Department Store
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BackHeat Back Pain Relief Patch 2s


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Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve back pains and aches by relaxing tension in the back muscles, thus easing pain. BackHeat uses our patent-pending RealHeat technology to produce an optimum level of heat, quickly and steadily, so that one can get quick relief in the midst of pain. BackHeat can be split into 2 to relieve aches over a larger area.

- Long lasting & effective; Uses RealHeat Technology to provide long lasting and continuous heat for up to 12 hours to combat pain.
- Non-medicated; Get relief from your back aches and pains without the use of medication.
- Convenient & easy to use; BackHeat is designed to be splittable for flexibility of use on your upper and lower back, and discreet to be worn under clothes.
- Comfortable on skin; The soft material and our new & improved Japanese adhesive ensures that the patch stays on throughout the day while providing constant relief.