Pushpan Round Flan And Quiche Pan 20cm Metro Department Store
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Pushpan Round Flan And Quiche Pan 20cm


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Patented PushPan technology has been applied to these fluted flan tins to ensure delicate pastry cases are released perfectly at that crucial final stage. Completely leak-proof, each non-stick aluminium piece requires no lining, offers even heat distribution with no hot spots and has a loose base with silicone seal, making them perfect for quiches, tarts and pies. The Pan is made of Heavy gauge 3003 alloy . The product will not rust, peel or blister. The silicone seal is made from high quality materials that pass both FDA and LFPB and does not need removing when washed. Product is NOT suitable for dishwashers (will discolour).
- Anodized Aluminum
- 8 Inch/20cm