Pyrex 3pc Snoopy Jar & Mug Set PX-SB-3P/SG Metro Department Store
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Pyrex 3pc Snoopy Jar  Mug Set PX-SB-3PSG


Pyrex 3pc Snoopy Jar & Mug Set PX-SB-3P/SG


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- 1 x 1L Jar & 2 x 375ml Mug
- The non-porous glass is hygienic, non-staining and does not retain odours.
- Do handle glass with care and avoid sudden temperature changes to prevent the risk of breakage.
- Do not fill mug with hot boiling beverages. Allow beverage to cool first.
- Use in Microwave for reheating only. Do not use on stovetop, under broiler, in an oven, or place over oven vent or pilot light.
- As with all glass products, you must exercise an appropriate degree of care to avoid breakage, chipping, cracking or severe scratching.
- Do not use or repair any mug that is chipped, cracked, or severely scratched. Use only non-abrasive cleansers and cleaning pads to clean mug to avoid scratches.
- Do not use in freezer as water can expand and may cause the glass to crack.