Pyrex Mug Set 2pc 375ml - Snoopy Colourful Metro Department Store
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Pyrex Mug Set 2pc 375ml - Snoopy Colourful


Pyrex Mug Set 2pc 375ml - Snoopy Colourful


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- 2 X 375ml Mug
- The Non-porous Glass Is Hygienic, Non-staining and Does Not Retain Odours.
- Do Handle Glass With Care and Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes to Prevent the Risk of Breakage.
- Do Not Fill Mug With Hot Boiling Beverages. Allow Beverage to Cool First.
- Use in Microwave for Reheating Only. Do Not Use on Stovetop, Under Broiler, in an Oven, or Place Over Oven Vent or Pilot Light.
- as With All Glass Products, You Must Exercise an Appropriate Degree of Care to Avoid Breakage, Chipping, Cracking or Severe Scratching.
- Do Not Use or Repair Any Mug That Is Chipped, Cracked, or Severely Scratched. Use Only Non-abrasive Cleansers and Cleaning Pads to Clean Mug to Avoid Scratches.
- Do Not Use in Freezer as Water Can Expand and May Cause the Glass to Crack.