Rayen Soap Dispenser 2 Compartment R2020.00 Metro Department Store
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Rayen Soap Dispenser 2 Compartment R202000


Rayen Soap Dispenser 2 Compartment R2020.00


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Features :-
- Easy installation
- Rayen's soap dispenser consists of two reservoirs
- It releases the right amount of soap in every use, without wasting resources

How to use: Open the Dispenser and fill the depots with the chosen products. Close and press the buttons several times until the liquid comes out. If the liquid is too thick (a it is the case with balsams), add a 10% or 20% of water and mix it well with the product.

Can be installed by means of silicon, sel-adhesives or screws.
Two (2) compartments
* Suitable for liquid bathing soap, shampoos, creams etc
* Essential for keeping clean and in order the bathroom, the kitchen, the sink, etc and avoiding the accumulation of bottling and preventing any soap incrustations
* Colour - white/transparent