DNA ReCode Serum 50ml Metro Department Store
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DNA ReCode Serum 50ml


DNA ReCode Serum 50ml


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Skin youthfulness is not just about chronological age. Many extrinsic and intrinsic factors affect the DNA of skin cells which holds the key to your skin condition, and thus its real age.

Harnessing the synergistic actions of three types of state-of-art peptides, DNA ReCode Serum goes beyond conventional paradigm of age-defying skin treatment by targeting the biology of aging at deeper levels.

Besides helping to reverse and repair damages to skin’s DNA code, especially damages due to long-term UV exposure and lifestyle habits, it also targets the telomeres of DNA strands to slow down the shortening of telomeres. This helps to delay the process of skin aging and preserve the youthful vitality of your skin.

In addition, it rides on the discovery of epigenetics to improve skin’s resistance to the effects of aging.