Salonpas Supporter Elbow Metro Department Store
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Salonpas Supporter Elbow


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Salonpas Supporter Elbow provide Ultra thin & Elastic materials which is approximately 0.6mm thin, breathable, and made of titanium alloy materials supports the elbow joint
Size M, 20 to 24cm
Size L, 24 to 28cm

Place of Origin

Hold the product so the“Salonpas”tag is not visible.
Place your hand through the product with the“Salonpas”tag outside of your arm. Pull it on like a sock and pull up with your palm.
Hold the product so that the“Salonpas”tag is at the upper part on the outside surface of your arm.
Fully extend the product to remove any slack.

Keep this product away from fire or high temperatures.
Applying this product with a strong force to a specific area or scratches from your nails may cause a contortion or a tear.
While wearing this product, color transfer to other materials may occur due to friction and other causes.
Read the labeling before washing.
Wash this product with a neutral detergent.
Wash this product separately from something white or light-colored since loss of color transfer may occur.
When drying this product by hand, wring it softly. When using a dehydrator, use only for a short time.
Do not use this product if you have abnormalities such as a sprain, fracture, wound, eczema, peripheral vascular disease or if you have an allergy to chemical fiber or rubber material.
Do not use this product on body parts other than as directed.
Do not use any ill-fitting product.
Do not use this product while sleeping.
Stop using this product immediately and consult a physician if you notice any abnormalities in your body, including pain, rash, itching, wounds or congestion.
Stop using this product immediately if prolonged use and usage conditions cause breakage or displacement of the bonded parts.
This product functions differently among individuals.