Sharp 1.8L Digital Twin Rice Cooker KN-W50PSL Metro Department Store
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Sharp 1.8L Digital Twin Rice Cooker KN-W50PSL


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Key Features: 

- For Cooking Rice: 0.9L X 2
- 1st Dual Pot Multi Cooker: Multiple Cooking Up to 4 Dishes.
- Save up to 50% of Energy
- Smart Temperature Control: Auto cooking modes along with manual temperature controls (Except for Rice, Grain & Clay pot).
- 12 Smart Cooking Programs: Includes Rice, Grain, Clay pot, Congee, Soup, Porridge, Steam, Stew, Bake, Fry, Yogurt and Manual.
- 12 Hour Warm Mode: Safely keeps food warm for up to 12 hours.
- Time Delay (up to 24 hours) : Catch up on sleep while it cooks for you, according to you.
- High Quality 5 layer Inner Pot - Ensure uniform heat circulation
- Removable Inner Lid & Steam valve for easy cleaning