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Shiseido Treatment Softener


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For normal to oily and combination skin:
A rich, fresh feeling lotion that penetrates deeply into the skin’s outer layer*. Moisture is replenished at every level. Fine wrinkles caused by dryness become less visible. Clear, glowing skin is secured from within.

• Provides moisture that lasts 24 hours.
• Helps strengthen the condition of inner skin defense environment.
• Enhances skin's barrier function.
• Contains pure Kirishima mineral spring water.
• Cleanses away dead cells and smooth the skin’s surface.
• Contributes to skin’s healthy look.
• Controls stickiness on the skin.
• Offers brightening effects.
• Works like an off-switch for fine wrinkles caused by dryness, and helps prevent future wrinkle formation**.
• Non-allergenic.

• The green floral scent evokes a sense of nature and fresh air.
• Immucalm CompoundTM helps relax and refresh irritated skin.