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Shu Uemura Hard Formula H9

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the number one eyebrow pencil,* hard formula stands out from the crowd by its unique shape and formula. thanks to the tip sharpened in the shape of a japanese “naginata” blade, you can draw natural eyebrow hair one by one.the unique formula of hard formula consists of a mix of powder, wax, and small amounts of semi-solid oil. this winning combination means the texture glides smoothly on foundation allowing you to draw perfect eyebrows.the unique "naginata" samurai sword shape is part of shu uemura's heritage, creating natural, defined brows, for both fine lines and wider areas. the angled tip boasts versatility, craftsmanship, and a timeless functionality that navigates ever-changing brow trends through time. the edge is used to draw precise lines as thin as hair, the side surfaces are for shading naturally or boldly, and the point is for filling in the fine gaps in the brows for a beautiful finish. each pencil is carefully manufactured and is the epitome of japanese craftsmanship.(*within shu uemura)