Skin Revival Infusion Serum 10ml


Skin Revival Infusion Serum 10ml

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Reboot . Recharge . Revitalize 

SUPERCHARGE YOUR SKIN’S RENEWAL. A one-month intensive program for an in-depth skincare overhaul to coincide with the skin’s natural repair cycle of 28 days. The treatment program reboots the skin, restoring it to its ideal healthy condition.

Packed with powerful apple stem cell extract, botanicals and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, this highly concentrated serum boasts more active ingredients than most other anti-aging serums. It plumps lines, lifts aging skin, amplifies the effectiveness of other skincare products, and activates optimal cell renewal.

The result: Firm, lifted and supple skin. 

Winner of Singapore Women’s Weekly Best of Beauty Buys 2017 for the Skin Revival Infusion Serum – Best Booster Serum

0% added scent & paraben.
Pack of 3 x 10ml for a 28 day Intensive skin program.