sloggi mOve FLOW Light Capri Black Combination Metro Department Store
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sloggi mOve FLOW Light Capri Black Combination


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Whether it’s a FLOW, FLEX, OR FLY kinda’ day, sloggi mOve leaves no type of movement uncatered for.

FLOW is perfect for those slow and flowing moves and helps to maintain your body temperature as you move. With FLEX, the clue is in the name. It’s perfect for flexible and agile moves, saving you from friction and chafing. As for FLY, it’s goodbye to the age old ‘too-hot-too-cold’ struggle. As well as balancing your body temperature, it’s perfect for fast and energetic moves, allowing you to get the most out of every activity.

With spontaneity, comfort and style as our vocation, this active bodywear range bids farewell to the constraints of the gym and allows the world to finally become your playground.

Spring / Summer 2019 sees sloggi launch FLOW Light, the most incredibly light athleisure bodywear for the ultimate freedom of movement. FLOW Light products feature super lightweight fabric that is soft, moisture absorbent, and extremely breathable, letting you stay focused on those uninhibited, dynamic moves. Up top, light pads and cups create a smooth silhouette with a modern and sporty edge. While down below you can enjoy absolute lightness for all your motions.
Care Tips:
- Do not bleach
- Do not iron
- Do not tumble dry
- Do not dry clean