Star 5 Alkaline Water Ionizer Red Metro Department Store
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Star 5 Alkaline Water Ionizer Red


Star 5 Alkaline Water Ionizer Red


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The Star 5 water ionizer has a multi-stage filter where tap water passes through and an electrolysis chamber of 5 pieces of electrodes made of platinum-coated titanium electrodes for splitting water into alkaline antioxidant water and acidic water.
This product is a Singapore Good Design Award Winner and the chamber comes with a 5-year warranty.

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Dimensions (HxDxW): 346x246x140mm
Net Weight: 5.4kg
pH Range
- Alkaline Level 1 – 4
- Purified Water
- Beauty
- Acidic Level 1
Power Consumption: AC220V 60Hz (0.4A 90VA) Different voltage and Hz to be available as per user’s requirement
Water Supply: Direct Connection to a faucet or water line with diverter
Ionized Water Output Rate:–
Optimum Water Inflow Pressure: 2.0 – 2.5ℓ
Hot Water Inflow Detector: Built-in Bimetallic Temperature Sensor
Applicable Water Pressure: 0.7~5Kgf/cm2
Applicable Water Temperature: 5 ~ 35℃
Electrodes: Platinized Titanium Plates (5). Continuous Electrolysis.
Cleaning Device: Automatic Cleaning System (no waiting interval)
Filter Lifespan: About 3,600 ℓ based on Chloroform (around 6~10 months)
Filter Lifespan Indicator: Icon Indication on LCD Display Screen with Authentic Filter Recognition
Control Panel: Soft Touch Button & Operation Knob (Water Supply)
Safety Feature: Auto Shut-off when inflow rate is too low or water temperature is too high
Product Accessory: Original Filter