T-Shaped Ion Beauty Bar with Micro-currents Technology (EM-500) Metro Department Store
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T-Shaped Ion Beauty Bar with Micro-currents Technology EM-500


T-Shaped Ion Beauty Bar with Micro-currents Technology (EM-500)


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Busy work life, staying overnight, aging causes loose facial muscles...All these can be solved with Lifetrons Ion Beauty Bar:

- Wrinkles start for form
- Aging causes loose facial muscles
- Black circles and eye bags

All the above skin issues can be solved! Lifetrons Ion Beauty Bar adopted the latest beauty technologies in order to help you restore youthful and smooth skin.


Lifetrons Ion Beauty Bar is designed especially for contour reshaping, face massage and beauty treatment. Unique T-shape massage head effectively reduces wrinkles, massages face muscles, stimulates skin cells and relaxes muscles.

- Tighten Facial Muscles, Reshape Contours
- Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines
- Reduce Black Circle & Eye Bag
- T-shape Massage Head - 316 Medical-graded Stainless Steel
- Swiss Design

Lifetrons Ion Beauty Bar is certified by USA FDA with safe and advanced beauty technologies. The massage head is made of medical-graded stainless steel and it is recommended by Swiss beauty expert.

Tightening Facial Muscles x Micro vibration
Hold the conductive strip on Lifetrons Ion Beauty Bar. Touch the T shape massage head on your face and it will start vibrating. 2 million times of vibration per minute could effectively relax facial muscles, smooth wrinkles and lift muscles.

Facilitate Nutrient Absorption x Ion Technology
Lifetrons Ion Beauty Bar releases negative ion which imports nutrients into skin layers. This facilitates nutrient absorption and enhances skin care effects.

- Battery Capacity: Lithium Battery 350mAh
- Power Supply: Rechargeable via USB
- Charging Time: 1 Hour

[What's Inside]
- Ion Beauty Bar EM-500 x 1
- User Guide

Lifetrons Switzerland beauty products are designed in Switzerland with advanced European beauty technologies. It is advisible that you could consult doctor before using Lifetrons Anti-Aging Eye Rejuvenator:

- Sensitive skin.
- Do not use if pregnant.
- Have a surgical implant, allergies, retinoic acid treatments, heart disease history or other medical condition.

The product effects may vary due to different skin type. We suggest using this device with Lifetrons RF gel with better skin care effects.