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Claypot Set


Claypot Set

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Claypot cooking is becoming popular in today's fat-conscious world. Claypot cooking allows you touse less oils and fats. Add the bonus of a one-pot cooking and this makes claypot cooking a unique style. Tanyu Claypot spreads the heat faster and evenly, making it most effective in bringing the natural flavor of foods out for better taste. Its great energy-saving advantage is another important feature. Tanyu Claypots can be used to double-boil, boil, stew, steam fry or grill foods of all sorts and can enhance the original flavor. Juices released by the food as it cooks cannot escape from the pot, thus sealing in the flavors. This prevents the food from drying out so there is no need add extra fats or liquids or oil. In fact, meats can be trimmed of fats and chicken can be cooked without the skin. Subsequent Use:
Wash it, wipe dry and also dry before storage inside the cabinet. If fungus appears, wash it again with dish washing liquid before use. 

Tanyu Clay Pot Set consists of: