TIGER Stainless Steel Lunch Box (LXB-A100 XC) Metro Department Store
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TIGER Stainless Steel Lunch Box (LXB-A100 XC)


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1) Food jar - 0.5L 
2) Side dish container - 0.38L 
- Vacuum insulation technology: The dishes stay at just right temperature to eat hot meal for up to 6 hours (Greater than 50℃). 
- "Super Clean" Finished Process: Hygienic, Stains & Odours Resistant 
- Simple design: The side dish container is stored neatly. 
-  Stainless steel container: The container is made of stainless steel (SUS304) in consideration of the sanitation and health. 
-  High maintainability: The inside of containers has smooth and polished interiors to resist against stains and odors. 
- The wide mouth (12.2 cm): makes easy to wash the entire of container by hand. 
-  Few detachable parts: Entirely clean by washing each detachable part. 
- Comes with a pair of Chopsticks & Spoon