Toyomi Electric Smokeless BBQ BBQ2002 Metro Department Store
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Toyomi Electric Smokeless BBQ BBQ2002


Toyomi Electric Smokeless BBQ BBQ2002


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With 2 Aluminum Die-Casting Grill and Griddle Plate
High Temperature Non-Stick Coating
Smokeless Grill, Airflow Technology With Smoke Capture Fan
Adjustable Temperature Control
With Glass Cover
Removable Parts Idea for Easy Cleaning
Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Smokeless Technology
Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor that absorbs every bit of smoke using water tray and electric fans. This allows users to grill indoors as there’s no risk of propane fills or charcoal smoker.

Griddle & Grill Plates
The unit consists of two replaceable plates covered with ceramic non-stick coating. These surfaces are textured, thus you get good grill marks on the food. Furthermore, the non-stick surfaces ensure that the food does not stick to the surface.

Glass Lid
The tempered glass lid creates a perfect seal over the cooking food, thus the hot air gets locked inside. As a result, the flavor, smoke, and tastes have no space to escape. All this gets infused into the food, resulting in an extremely flavourful delicacy.

In-built Drip Tray
This special in-built tray is designed to accumulate the oil, grease, and food droppings from falling on a hot surface and reduces smoke as a result. It also makes cleaning easier and most feasible after a delicious dinner.

Griddle & Grill Plates
Unlike a traditional grill, you will never face issues of charred food, uneven cooking, or undercooked meat. This appliance gives you consistent results with food just like the one prepared at restaurants. You get the same aroma, taste, and texture every time.

Consistent Results in Less Time
The smokeless grill cooks food in less time when compared to the conventional grills. This is mainly due to the cast aluminum construction which heats up food at a rapid pace and also cools down quite instantly.