Tsukiko Full Moon Skin Lotiion


Tsukiko Full Moon Skin Lotiion

Receive a Tsukiji Full Moon Skin Lotion travel size spray 30ml (worth $12) when you purchase TSUKIKO Full Moon Skin Lotion
VOLUME - 200ml

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TSUKIKO: Full Moon Skin Lotion is a natural beauty lotion that combines the traditional skills of Japan with the latest technology.

Sponge gourd skin lotion is a traditional japanese natural herbal lotion. Its use has been enjoyed for over 500 years in Japan, and recent research has shed light on the gourd's outstanding properties.

- increases skin-cell growth by over 200%
- prevents rough skin and dryness
- exhibits inflammatory properties that are helpful against sunburn and hot weather
- imparts moisturizing amino acids that help add and sustain the skin's transluence and other components