The One Brush in Pink


The One Brush in Pink

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4 in 1 Multifunction Detangle Brush

Cleaning & Refreshing
- Dirt cannot be removed using fingers. Nickle pin helps to clean serum and dirts in pores leading to good hair growth.

Scalp Massage
- Gentle root stimulation scalp help bring more blood circulation flow to hair folicles.

- Without pulling your hair to minimize hair drying and breakage.

- Semi-Elastic bristles help to volume your hair by back- brushing from the roots to tip.
1. NICKLE PIN The ordinary hair brush bristles have sharp and pointed pin; this makes it hard to reach the small pores of the scalp leading to a lack of natural oil promoting good hair growth. 2. TWO-LENGTH OF NYLON BRISTLES Each nylon bristle is specially tufted in two different lengths bring the most impressive detangling effect in second. 3. BRISTLES ARE ATTACHED TO THE BODY Enhance bristle stability and durability. 4. ERGONOMIC HANDLE Contoured shape to fit hands and support your fingers differently.