Universal UV LED Steriliser by Sunwave 65cm Metro Department Store
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Universal UV LED Steriliser by Sunwave 65cm


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- Kills 99.9% of germs, viruses & fungi
- Stops the growth of mould
- Patented sterilizing technology (LED+Infrared)
- 2x more light output with the same power consumption
- Use it as a normal light
- Super easy mounting
- Extremely safe to use
- Every household needs one

The Sunwave Home Sterilizer is super easy to mount and use so you can set it up anywhere in your home, and use it round the clock. Using it 24 hours a day will cost you about $0.9USD only!

Unlike other sterilizers that use harmful UV light, Sunwave's patented technology is a blend of VB (Violet Blue) LEDs and Infrared Rays, that is 100% safe to use. It's about the same as putting your things out to sun!!

- Use it as a regular LED light as well at 150lm
- Detachable mount for easy relocation
- Smart rotating feature
- A lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of usage (lasts approx 22 years with 6 hours of use/day)
- Effectiveness:4hrs @ 300mm distance, 8hrs @ 500mm distance
- Made and tested in Korea
- Comes with:

      x1 2 pin plug with 1500mm cable included

      x2 pairs of mounts with adhesive tape

      x2 spare adhesive tape

- 650mm / 650cm
- Wavelength: 405nm
- Input: 5V DC, 3A
- Power consumption: 12W
- Weight: 255g
- Range: 30cm 4 hour / 50cm 8 hour