F2 Flat-Pointed Heel height 2cm Pine Green

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SIZES - 36

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Walk & Rest is a line of shoes that are made entirely of plastic while having the appearance of genuine leather and, at the same time, being of extraordinary light-weight. The brand concept and visual identity subscribe to simplicity, while laying emphasis on the fact that comfort and fashionable style are actually able to coexist. Foregoing any forms or symbols, the logo consists exclusively of letters of a minimalist typography. The logo is at all times kept at a distance from other graphical elements, as if to symbolise the relaxing, cushioning effect and freedom of movement provided by these flat shoes.
These flats deftly balance formality and practicality with focus on outsole elasticity. Soft, light and waterproof, these offer style and comfort in every walk of life.

Type: Flat Pointed Toe shape
Heel height : 2cm
Texture : Matt

Sizes: 36, 36.5, 37, 37.5, 38, 38.5

Additional Information

Weight: 80 grams
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer
Water proof
Easy Wash
Air Curve Ventilation