WMF Baric Sommelier 3Pc Set Metro Department Store
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WMF Baric Sommelier 3Pc Set


WMF Baric Sommelier 3Pc Set


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Wine lovers and connoisseurs know how to enjoy the fine things in life. And they know the rituals that should be followed when opening a fine bottle of wine. A ritual that goes hand in hand with the 3-piece WMF Baric sommelier set, just as wine goes hand in hand with a meal.

First of all, effortlessly remove the capsule using the sharp foil cutter, then remove the cork with the professional cork screw, leave the wine to breathe for a while and finally enjoy it.

And so that this ritual is worth following for just a single glass, the wine bottle stopper creates an airtight seal ensuring that the wine retains its bouquet for days. In addition to perfect functionality, the design language of the entire Baric collection is just as elegant as using each individual accessory.

Set consists of:
1x corkscrew
1x foil cutter
1x bottle cap