Youth Collagen Drink 25ml x 30ea Metro Department Store
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Youth Collagen Drink 25ml x 30ea

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Introducing the new LANEIGE Youth Collagen Drink that promotes deep sleep, hydrates and improve skin texture for a suppler, moisturized and clearer skin.

Replenish your skin with this daily essential for beautiful skin from within!

Main Ingredients:
1. Fish collagen peptide - originated from Tilapia(Oreochromis niloticus)
2. Deep sea water - Provides rich mineral of the most balanced ratio
3. Gamma Aminobutyric Acid - Affects deep sleep, and stress relief 
4. Pomegranate Extract - Rich in Vitamin and Minerals which make skin nourished and revitalized
5. Red Orange Extract - Rich in Anthocyanin and Vitamin C which is strong anti-oxidatant

Key Point 1
Moisturizing – Deep Sea Water from Ease Sea
Stabilized and cleaned sea water in Korea exists 200m below sea level where the sunlight is not reached and has plenty of inorganic nutrients without any organic matter and pathogenic bacteria, providing moisture to the skin.

Key Point 2
Sleep Improvement – GABA relieves stress and promotes deep sleep
GABA, a type of amino acid found in green tea, brown rice and mushroom, that helps in deep sleep, relaxing and stress relief.

Key Point 3
Skin Improvement – Collagen regenerates overnight
When collagen meets GABA, the quality of sleep and skin improves – GABA helps in the collagen production during sleep resulting in enhanced skin recovery and regeneration.

Key Point 4
New packaging – Tritan
Light, BPA-free and strong against heat