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YSL Or Rouge Serum


YSL Or Rouge Serum

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VOLUME - 30ml

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More concentrated than ever. The secret of ultimate skin revitalisation and uniformity revealed by YSL. YVES SAINT LAURENT reveals OR ROUGE, its Exceptional Global Skincare, where lies at its heart the Pistil of Saffron from High Atlas. Highly concentrated, the SERUM defies signs of ageing for an ultimate skin revitalisation and uniformity.
CEREMONIE OR ROUGEDiscover unique application techniques and made-to-measure gestures developed by YVES SAINT LAURENT to enhance the OR ROUGE experience. 1 - PREPARE THE SKINAfter preparing the skin morning and evening with the OR ROUGE LOTION, follow with OR ROUGE SERUM. Repeat 2 times each movement on each side of face. 2 - APPLYWith the pads of the fingers spread out, perform a series of sweeping movements on each level of face. Spread your index, middle finger and fore finger with the pads of the fingers, perform a series of swipping movements from the center of the face outwards.3 - ACTIVATEUsing the index and middle fingers, perform circular back-and-forth gliding movements crossing fingers.4 - TARGETGlide upward with the length, slide upward the length of index and middle fingers along the smile lines. Place the base of palms at the centre of face under the cheekbones and smooth outward. With the length of all fingers together, smooth alternately the forehead area from one temple to the other.