Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Pure Shots Lines Away Serum Recharge Metro Department Store
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Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Pure Shots Lines Away Serum Recharge


Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Pure Shots Lines Away Serum Recharge

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Did you know that living fast increases wrinkles by 35%?Discover the new Lines Away Serum, a breakthrough micro-filling technology that instantly smooths lines and create a "second-skin" effect. Infused with the optimal daily dose of plumping hyaluronic acid in synergy with anti-wrinkle Iris from Morocco, it helps to reduce wrinkles and gives skin elasticity overtime.Day 1: SKIN FEELS SOFTER AND LOOKS SMOOTHERDay 28: SKIN IS MORE ELASTIC, LINES & WRINKLES ARE REDUCED.Tested on Asian skins under dermatolocial control.HOW IT WORKSA hectic urban life exposes skin to many agressors (Pollution, Uvs, Stress, bad diet, lack of sleep...), increasing wrinkles by 35%.Lines Away Serum technology was developed to smooth skin instantly and overtime. Its texture instantly fills lines Iris extract helps reduce wrinkles and activates cells receptors so that skin better assimilates the optimal daily dose of 100% pure hyaluronic acid. Lines and wrinkles are being reduced inside out day after day and suppleness is restored.
DIRECTION FOR USE3 steps for a visible smoothing effect1. Press 2 pumps of serum2. Massage to smooth: going up with your fingertips from the chin to the temples, then cheeks to temples finally from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Do not forget your neck.3. Pinch to regenerate: Use the thumbs then index and middle fingers to pinch your skin. Start along the smile lines pinch deeply the skin placing thumbs behind the 2 other fingers. Then, use your fingers placed horizontally to pinch the skin over the lion’s wrinkles.Apply day and night before your moisturizer.TEXTUREExclusive Micro filling technology in a soft and creamy texture:Instantly fills on skin surface to moisturize, smooth and envelop the skin in a velvety replumping cocoon. Lines and wrinkles are instantly smoothed.Ingredients / Composition / FormuleINGREDIENT 1: 100% PURE PLUMPING HYALURONIC ACIDINGREDIENT 2: ANTI-WRINKLE IRIS FROM MOROCCO