Zoku Mixology Set Of 3 Ice Mold ZK135 Metro Department Store
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Zoku Mixology Set Of 3 Ice Mold ZK135


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Zoku’s slow melting, set of three oversized geometric shaped ice will perfect your mixologist skills. The Mixology Ice Molds include three silicone ice molds that are simple to remove by pulling apart the silicone molds—no rinsing required! Add your choice of ice to any beverage and the ice will melt at a slow, even rate in any glass.

The Zoku Ice Ball Mixology Edition lets you enjoy your favorite drink without diluting the flavour! Whiskey and cocktail fans will love the unique, clear ice this gadget can create, There's 3 different molds, and 3 shapes that can be created. Simply fill the mold, let it freeze, then easily open it to remove the ice sphere. No rinsing required. It's simple to remove and melts at a slow, even rate in your glass. Enjoy it in any drink, at any age! Use in whiskey, cocktails, juices, and more! Infuse with fruit slices or freeze juice to add decoration.

- Throw the perfect party complete with some cool shaped Ice Balls
- Use the plastic spheres to freeze water for something a bit different
- The best way to keep any drink chilled
- Easy open and close for simple use for kids and adults

Comes in a set of 3
Includes: 3 Stackable Ice Ball Molds: 1 jack, 1 cube, and 1 sphere