Zwilling Knife Sharpener 8cm - Black 32605-000 Metro Department Store
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Zwilling Knife Sharpener 8cm - Black 32605-000


Zwilling Knife Sharpener 8cm - Black 32605-000


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Professional knife sharpener
Outstanding and reliable sharpening results
Easy to use
Angle adaptor swaps out for European and Japanese blades
Sharpens at approx. 15° per side for European blades
Sharpens at approx. 10° per side for Japanese blades
Includes pair of coarse grain sharpening rods of 150 grit
Includes pair of medium-fine grain sharpening rods of 360 grit
The ZWILLING V-Edge pull-through knife sharpener quickly, simply and effortlessly sharpens European and Japanese knives at the correct angle to a standard of quality and sharpness comparable only to professional sharpening with a whetstone.

The V-Edge combines the advantages of conventional pull-through knife sharpeners and whetstones. Simple to use, it delivers quick and excellent results. The V-shape arranged ceramic sharpening stones evenly sharpen the entire length of the blade without risk of damaging it.

The knife sharpener comes with two pairs of ceramic sharpening rods: one set is coarse grain of around 150 grit for re-sharpening dull knives, the other is the medium-fine grain of around 360 grit for maintenance and honing.

Spare replacement fine grain rods of around 1000 grit are available for very fine honing. This is item number 32605-300-0 and is sold separately.

Please note, this knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated blades.