ZWILLING® MADURA NonStick Coating 30 cm Wok Pan 66291306 Metro Department Store
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ZWILLING MADURA NonStick Coating 30 cm Wok Pan 66291306


ZWILLING® MADURA NonStick Coating 30 cm Wok Pan 66291306


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Like no other cookware, the wok is ideal for preparing light and delicious Asian-style food. With the Wok from the ZWILLING® Madura Plus series, you can prepare stir-fried, fried and stewed dishes gently and quickly. Thanks to its diameter of 30 cm, larger quantities can be prepared in it. The pan body has a coating on the outside as well as on the inside, which makes it easier to clean the pan. The wok has a four-layer Duraslide® Granite non-stick coating, which is particularly resistant to abrasion.

In addition, thanks to this coating, you can burn and fry with low-fat. The body of the wok consists of a solid, forged aluminium core, which ensures optimal heat conduction to the edge. So all ingredients are cooked very evenly. Thanks to the magnetic stainless steel base, you can use the wok on all types of hobs including induction cookers. The ergonomically designed handle does not heat up and ensures that you can cook with the wok effortlessly and safely. Even swinging turns, which is typical of Asian cuisine, can be easily learned and carried out with the wok. With the practical wok from ZWILLING® you have a cooking utensil at hand, which makes it easier to prepare quick everyday dishes and festive meals.
- 4-ply Duraslide Granite non-stick coating with titanium hard primer for improved wear resistance
- Ergonomic stay-cool handle with a seamless design for particularly easy cleaning
- Solid forged aluminium core for excellent heat conduction and even heat distribution
- Continuous outer coating for easy cleaning
- Suitable for all types of hob, including induction