AQUATO BABY SKINCARE Metro Department Store
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A special baby skincare formula made from seaweed extract that provides moisture for dry and sensitive skin, AQUATO has NO colorant, preservatives, perfume or paraben.

AQUATO’s origins began on Yongcho island in Korea, where a child named Jinwha suffering from eczema received loving care from his grandmother. The child’s condition worsens in winter, where the skin gets drier, causing him to scratch more, making the problem worse. They’ve tried many different moisturising creams, but none made a difference. However, by a curious turn of event, his eczema disappeared and everyone wondered how that happened. Turns out his grandmother had been lovingly bathing him with seaweed water every day, and that seaweed contained Fucoidan, which helped soothed and healed the boy’s skin.

AQUATO Baby Skincare is invented and manufactured in a collaborative effort with the Marine Science faculty of Gyeongsang National University by Beyong Dae Choi, Professor of Gyeongsang National University, Marine Food Science & Technology and ItoB Corporation. The main ingredients in AQUATO, Fucoidan (Seaweed) and glycosaminoglycan (Sea Squirt), are registered in the international patent organization.

Available at Metro Centrepoint & Metro Paragon.