Anello | Metro Department Store
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Anello® was established back in 2005, the name of our brand is derived from an Italian terminology with the definition of "annual ring”, or "tree ring”. The design of each item drew direct inspiration from tiny details such as intricate patterns or prints in order to create designs which stood out. As a result, our unique bags come in a variety of shape, size, and material to suit every kind of lifestyle and day-to-day activities.

Anello® currently have fans worldwide who love of our creation, and we intend to grow as a global brand specializing in bags. We are passionate in developing better ideas each year, similar to the concept of a growing tree: the longer the age, the better its lifespan. There by, our goal is to "design versatile items which are made for everyone and perfect any occasion”.

Anello and Legato Largo available at Metro Paragon and Metro Causeway Point.