ANOLON Metro Department Store
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The Anolon commitment to quality gourmet kitchenware began in 1984. A national culinary renaissance was underway, and our sister brand, Circulon, had been developing and producing quality nonstick cookware for several years. Recognizing that home cooks exploring the possibilities of creative cooking desired versatility and convenience, Anolon met those needs with the first hard-anodized, smooth-interior nonstick cookware, formally launching in 1989.

Anolon knows that culinary inspiration now comes from both Grandmother and Instagram, that a menu can be minimalist, multicultural, modern—sometimes all three—and that great culinary experiences range from simple to seasonal to special. As cooking, eating, and entertaining continue to nourish all of us, we stand by our commitment to making and providing exceptional gourmet kitchenware for you.

Available at Metro Paragon.