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Auolive’s Founder, Claire, a typical modern time-strapped woman, was wondering how the practice of time-consuming “the more the merrier “for skincare got started. Hence, after 2 years of R & D, Claire debuts Auolive with a range of premium multi-functional skincare products, that fulfills all the essential beauty benefits in just a bottle. Swiss formulated with natural active ingredients and manufactured in Singapore, Auolive leads the way to effective and time-saving skincare for the modern busy women. Dermatologically and Clinically tested, Auolive successfully formulated luxurious skincare solution that is gentle and yet powerful enough to protect our face from ageing. No more time consuming multiple steps skincare routine and spending on many skincare products for different beauty functions. Enjoy effective skincare in a jiffy with Auolive!

Available at Metro Paragon.