Felli | Metro Department Store
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Take a minute with us now and we are going to take you on a journey to explore the miracles of Free-Free Industrial corp. Free-Free is the leading manufacturer of acrylic storage, serving ware, tabletops, bath ware, office products, 3C accessories and pet products. We not only create the clearest, the most see-through, non-shattered, crystal reflection acrylic items to the whole world, but also produce very safety-oriented products for you and your family. Our company was established in 1985 by our President Mike Liu and General Manager Sylvia Chang. Free-Free industrial Corp is also known as “Felli” have experience in the acrylic industry for almost 3 decades. We provide excellent products and services that accelerate innovation in the global home ware market.   

Available at Metro Paragon & Causeway point.