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The Brew Company's story dates back to an afternoon in 2002, where Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen ran out of coffee filters, and felt the need to brew coffee in a tea filter. It made him rethink the way coffee was brewed, and soon after that the coffeebrewer was born. In 2013, the teabrewer saw the light of day, and in 2017 the concept was further developed with the herbbrewer.

We have managed to invent an extraordinary coffee and tea concept that brews amazing coffee and tea. In addition to a wide recognition for the beautiful and innovative design, our brewers have also received several awards for their good taste. Common to our three brands is an extraordinary quality and an innovative concept where we have found a new and better way to drink coffee and tea.

We treat our ingredients with love and respect as we believe it gives the best product. The coffee is organic, fairtrade and single estate specialty coffee, which means that you always know exactly where your coffee is from. Our teabrewers and herbbrewers are made with real ingredients. We use pieces of fruit, herbs, vegetables, spices and (of course) tea to create the extraordinary flavor.

Available at Metro Centrepoint.