INUOVO | Metro Department Store
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INUOVO is a global brand launched in 2010 in Istanbul.Behind the brand is a 100% family-owned company with 100 years of history in designing, manufacturing and retailing women’s footwear.Having gone international in 2011, INUOVO has held the official title of ‘Turkey’s Largest Leather Woman Footwear Exporter’ since 2012.Now INUOVO is sold through 1650 retailers at over 7000 online & offline sales points.Exporting 80% of its total production to Europe, INUOVO reaches consumers all around the globe in 6 continents and 50 countries.Genuine leather tailored with artisan handicraftsmanship, Large collections detailed in all colors of the nature,Unique finishes, and Passion at the heart of the business are key drivers behind INUOVO’s global success.

Available at Metro Paragon.