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Jean-Francois Lazartigue is one of the most renowned hair care specialists in France. He began his career as a hairdresser and opened his first salon in “Rue de Courcelles,” Paris, in December 1963.

He has always been fascinated by hairdressing techniques and interested in hair's health. By 1972, his salon had been established as a prominent center in Paris for relaxing the coarsest textures of hair. Today, it is still a favorite for French editors and for the most demanding clients.

Driven by a true passion for hair, Mr. Lazartigue came across many unaddressed hair issues such as overprocessed hair damages by oxidation colour, perms, straightening, ironing, or even daily blow-drying. With the purpose of solving these issues, he created his own products to repair, protect, and embellish hair. In 1976, the j.f. lazartigue brand was born creating tremendous innovative products.

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