LABO NUTRITION Metro Department Store
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At LABO Nutrition, we pledge to deliver the best nutritional supplements that meets your specific needs. Treating your health journey as our own, we only use the safest and best quality ingredient brands in functional dosages. Not just supplementing, it has to work.

You are getting the best that nature has to offer. What goes into the formulation of the product is more than raw ingredients, but also months of dedication, commitment, clinical studies and compilations of research reports from an international nutrition team. This is to ensure you are getting nothing less than what your body deserves. Working hand in hand with the best of proprietary science in world-class facilities around the world, LABO Nutrition is born out of a genuine enthusiasm for nutrition science, health and our customer’s well-being.

We recognize your need first, before the product comes. Not the other way around.  We only know and use the best functional ingredients. We PLEDGE THE BEST, OR NOTHING. For an exceedingly better life, let’s live it together.

Available at Metro Causeway Point only.