PROACTIV Metro Department Store
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At Proactiv+, we think that clear skin is something that everyone can achieve. Whatever the condition of your skin, whatever your age and whatever your lifestyle, we’ve created our amazing 3-step system to give you beautiful and radiant looking skin.

But how does it work and why is our 3-step system so unique? As well as developing products that really work, we continue to research and develop formulas that are designed to prevent breakouts. One of these formulas is our Smart Target technology, which you’ll find in our Proactiv+ products. You’ll also find salicylic acid, an exfoliating ingredient that’s known for its blemish-fighting properties. The combination of these two ingredients is a big part of why Proactiv+  can be so effective, and the built in hydration leaves your skin looking clear and radiant.

Available at Metro Paragon.