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Welcome to the whimsical world of SOHYO!

Compact, fun and effective, its ergonomic non-slip design allows for greater grip and control to style your hair beautifully.

300 super soft and flexible quills of 3 different lengths provide maximum comfort during brushing, allowing for perfect smoothing and effortless detangling of the wildest hair.

Made in France from the highest-grade anti-static materials, this is an extremely light and easy to use brush that even children can enjoy.

Pop it into your handbag for a quick touch-up during the day, for travel or you can even use it in the shower, thanks to its water-resistant design that allows for fast-drying.

Available in a plethora of over 23 designs with more limited edition models released regularly, SOHYO is professionally tested and approved by leading hairdressers globally.

Suitable for use for all in the family, including men and children. The natural massage effect from its non-scratch gentle quills improves scalp circulation and allows for a therapeutic relaxation experience. Try it today!

Available at Metro Paragon and Metro Causeway Point.