SONA Metro Department Store
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SONA provides a wide variety of home and kitchen appliances that suits your needs!

CAHAYA ELECTRONICS PTE LTD was founded in 1994 and takes care of the Sona brand in Singapore. Since 1994, Cahaya Electronics has rapidly grown into a diversified electronics company offering a broad range of products and services. It takes pride in providing quality products and reliable services. It is more well-known in Singapore for its range of small appliances and the affordability of its products. Cahaya Electronics specialises in supplying quality Home and Kitchen Appliances products. This includes fans, vacuum Cceaners, electric ovens, slow cookers, air pots, kettle jugs, induction cookers, multi cookers, and many more.

At Sona we pride ourselves with quality and affordability in mind. All our products are manufacturered with love and sustainability.