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Our journey began with our founding father, Simon. He knew early on that he wanted to make toys that he would have loved as a child.  Simon has spent years building and creating toys that would have pleased his younger self. But one thought kept cropping up in his mind – travel. Young Simon was fortunate enough to go on some amazing holidays – however his memories were all about the destination.  Over time, new members of the Flyte crew climbed aboard his thought train and with help from our friends at Zinc, Flyte steam rolled ahead. It’s taken two years for Flyte to take form. We went from prototype to prototype, tweaking and reworking. Throughout the process, we knew that Flyte had to remain that same simple concept that Simon had envisioned.  Flyte needed to let kids travel in a fun way, whilst also giving them the space to take along all of their travel essentials (which may or may not be half the toy box). It also needed to be a practical piece of luggage and a safe scooter, to give parents peace of mind. So that’s what we have today. A soft, squidgy, but sturdy suitcase. An easy to use pull-along trolley. And most importantly, a safe and fun scooter to ride around the world.